Spain – in far end of Europe

Almost last two months one of our aircraft was position in Spanish airport Burgos in the North of the country to perform flights to some other destinations on the Mediterranean coast and to Minorca Island. We use to fly for the local company Good Fly organizing passenger flights for holiday people. We are very satisfied [...]

Bornholm – cool plane trip

It started innocently. In May, our teacher began to smile mysteriously. When we asked him, he was saying only that they do not want not talk about it or we’ll jinx that we have a chance to experience something really special. And nothing more. A few weeks later a professor walked into class and told [...]

Conquerors of the North

During the winter of 2009/2010, SkyTaxi conducted two flights to the very north of Norway, viz, Banak  (ENNA) – known as the North Cape Airport, and Alta Airport (ENAT) in the same area. The weather conditions there are extreme with almost no daylight in the winter. One step further north was taken in May 2010 [...]