Cargo flights

SAAB 340A (QC)

homebase: Wroclaw (WRO)
cruising speed: 270 kt
max range: 1450 nm
max payload range: 475 nm
max payload: 3400 kg

SAAB 340A cargo compartments

Standard floor loading: 485 kg/m2
Max floor loading: 730 kg/m2
max cabin volume: 25 m3

capacity examples:

18 palets 100×70 [cm]
14 palets 82×122 [cm]
cargo door dimension: [W/H] 135/130 cm
max cargo dimension: [L/W/H] 170/135/130 cm
DGR approved
time to become airborn: 1-2 hours
time to change version
pax/cargo and v/v: 1,5 hour