Cargo flights

Cargo flights

Our flexibility, fast reaction and high quality customer service available 24/7 let us to fulfill our customers’ expectations. Thank to reliability of our fleet and crew we are always ready to operate flights of all type of cargo, from different countries with one purpose – to deliver it as soon as possible.

Cargo configuration of SAAB340 let us to be an expert of medium-size cargo transport till 3400kg.

We are certified for Dangerous Goods Transportation.

We are well experienced in transport of all type of dangerous goods, medicines, animals, automatic parts and diplomatic mail from the all European and North Africa's countries.

As a result of company growth and cargo market demand SkyTaxi is going to introduce new aircraft type into the fleet – Boeing 767 freighter. Flight operations are expected to start  by the end  of November 2018. All operational specification can be found here.