SkyTaxi was established in year 2000. We are the leader in on demand operations in Poland. Our home base is Wroclaw airport (WRO). Nowadays we operate with aeroplane SAAB 340A. Our pilots, cabin crew and maintenance staff are well trained and experienced. SkyTaxi has got required certificates to operate and provide air services accordingly to: JAR-OPS1, PART-M and PART-145. The first place where our business was run was at a grass airfield near Opole in Polska Nowa Wies (EPOP). This was the first location of our Piper Seneca II plane. After a few weeks of our activity we transported our client in the first commercial flight to Warsaw. Then we changed the location of our business just before the winter 2000/2001. We moved to Wroclaw Strachowice airport (EPWR/WRO).


We have been operating there till now. Over the period between 2000 and 2001 we flew to many destinations all over Europe. By the end of the year 2001 we made a decision to enlarge our fleet in coming future. We have started to look for faster, bigger and more comfortable airplane. The enlargement of our fleet will lead to increase of our personnel. We have taken on new pilots recently. In the 4th quarter of 2002 we launched commercial flights with our Cessna T303 Crusader. We flew to Dortmund with our client for the first time in 2003using a Cessna T303 plane. Our passengers was very satisfied.


Since the beginning of 2003 we been running intensive flights with our aircraft. On 16th of July 2004, as a sixth operator to be established in Poland we have got the required JAR-OPS1 certificate. The Polish Civil Aviation Office has confirmed that our service conforms to the EU aviation operation requirements.In the middle of 2005 we made a decision to purchase another aircraft, which is bigger. In order to meet market requirements, the most appropriate plane would be a 20-30 seater with payload of about 2500 kg. Of the several types of aircraft to choose, we decided on the SAAB 340. In this time we have terminated the contract for using Cessna T303. In November 2005 our SAAB 340A QC came from Switzerland to Wroclaw. After all the registration procedures our new aircraft was ready to fly. In this time SkyTaxi s staff has been enlarged by new pilots and flight attendants. We launched new service beside air taxi on demand we serve flights as a small charter airline.



Our inauguration flight took place in December 2005. We went to Moscow with guests invited by a Polish company. It was a special trip for the occasion of the opening ceremony of a new factory in Vladimir. From January we slowly increased the number of flights carried out with the use of the SAAB aircraft, while also maintaining the same number of flights with the use of our Piper Seneca aircraft as before. The first few months of 2006 was a time of reorganization with regard to our way of operations, particularly in the area of flight planning and maintenance. The month of June 2006 was in the middle of the peak season for SkyTaxi company. This was particularly due to the World Cup in Germany. After the summer, we carried out fewer flights, which however , dramatically increased in September and October. For instance, in September we ran a flight for F1 racing in Monza (Italy). We also ran a series of flights to Elba Island. The month of October involved a lot of cargo transportation, apart from a few normal passenger trips. In November we ran tests and maintenance on our SAAB aircraft in Sweden, after first year in SkyTaxi fleet. The month of December was a successful one for us, as indeed was the whole year of 2006.




Saab 340 took our services to another level. The scope of our operations was wide and differentiated . First, we developed our services on passenger market and started operating for sport teams, musicians, politicians and other VIP groups. For five years SkyTaxi created and maintained IGAvion project - summer and  winter holiday flight programme for passengers from French special airports like Dole (DLE), Epinal (EPL), Chateauroux (CHR) or Bergerac (EGC) to the most beautiful and attractive places for vacation like Nice (NCE),  Ajaccio (AJA), Palma de Mallorca (PMI), Girona (GRO) and  London Southend (SEN). Year after year fleet of our company was growing with second and third Saab 340. Thanks to introduction of quick-change type of aircraft (both passenger and cargo configuration), SkyTaxi started offering its services on cargo market. We became experts of medium size cargo air transportation in Europe and Northern Africa. Our flexibility, fast reaction and high quality customer service  available 24/7 let us to fulfill our customers' expectations. What we had and knew these days, was not enough. In this challenging environment, we kept moving and kept growing.



Time critical cargo charter flights was what we were good at. The potential on this market was huge, our dreams were focused on one goal - to become the biggest Polish air cargo operator. Our long-time cooperation with european and worldwide leading shipping companies and air brokers has given us wide experience in ad-hoc flights. In November 2018, we started leasing of Boeing 767-200 converted freighter. Leasing of this type of aircraft was the milesone in development of our company.


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With Boeing 767-200 freighter in fleet, the scope and type of operations became limitless. We transported many different, valuable, fragile, sensitive materials including dangerous goods and animals. We have got experience on cargo market in Europe, China, India, UAE, Bahrain, Nigeria, Iraq, Botswana, Egypt and many others. In March 2020 SkyTaxi became an important player in building air bridge between Poland and China in order to transport medical equipment which helped to combat SARS-Cov-2 outbreak. Our presence on Chinese market let us apply and receive CCAR129 certification as a reliable and trustworthy foreign air carrier that is able to prepare and perform flight operations from many Chinese airports to Europe.

In November 2021, another big step has been taken and second Boeing 767-200 freighter enlarged the fleet.



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 In February 2022 last Saab 340 has left SkyTaxi's fleet. With this move, SkyTaxi no longer offers passenger flights and focuses on expanding cargo markets.



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