Cabin luggage
Cabin luggage you can bring together on board. When traveling in SAAB 340 aircraft, please limit cabin baggage to 5kg. We recommend you carry in hand luggage all the electronic equipment, photographic stuff and valuables.

Check-in baggage
Check-in baggage is that whiech you stored into the cargo hold of th aircraft. The standard weight of baggage accepted in SkyTaxi is 12kg. It can be bigger subject to your needs and technical and weight limitations.

Not typical baggage
We enable assistive – by prior notification – baggage or luggage with unusual dimensions, and weight such as sports equipment, musical equipment, materials, etc. easily breakable. A few general comments on the principles of the transport of items in the air.

Liquids, gels and aerosols
Passengers are permitted to carry liquids, gels and aerosols through the security control with the assumption that they are placed in containers with a volume of 100 ml/100 g or less and all containers fit in one transparent, resealable plastic bag with a volume not exceeding one liter. Approximate dimensions of this bag is 22 cm x 15 cm. One passenger can carry one bag.
It is allowed on board airplanes bringing food for babies in the min.: Milk powder, liquid milk, water and fruit juices in amounts intended to be consumed during the journey.
Note: if the container does not have the factory capacity markings, can be treated as more than 100ml and not allowed to bring on board an aircraft.

Liquid medications are available to transport in hand luggage, provided that they are necessary for the passenger during the journey. The screener may ask you to confirm the authenticity of the medicine. In addition, there must be placed in a plastic bag. Passengers approaching the security control officers to personally notify the above. medicines without waiting for the effect of control.
In order to expedite the inspection process, passengers should report any liquids, gels and aerosols in cabin baggage for separate screening, such as placing them in a separate container when approaching the x-ray machine for screening baggage. If possible, passengers should have documentation regarding medication (eg doctor’s certificate).

Products in the solid state, such as chocolate, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables are allowed in any amount (subject to customs regulations). Liquid foods such as yoghurts, creams, jams and jellies, is subject to a 100 ml volume of the container and the containers must fit in a 1-liter plastic bag.
If you plan to take in food, cooking utensils, knives and any other sharp objects to please pack your baggage.
If you are travelling to another country, you can check before leaving the airline with the existing arrangements in this regard as it can exist in the countries other restrictions, which may be relevant when planning the return journey.

Electronic equipment and outerwear
According to EU regulations on the protection of civil aviation electronic equipment (laptops, cameras), and outerwear to be scrutinized as a separate piece of luggage. Therefore, approaching the security checkpoint, please remove all electronics from their hand luggage and send it separately to control. Identical please do if you have wearing outerwear (jackets, coat)

Electronic cigarettes
You must store your electronic cigarettes in the hand (cabin) luggage.

Electonic devices
All users of all types of electronic devices (notebooks, computers , cameras, batteries, cellphones, other electronic devices and their accessories), are obliged to:
– not carry them in registered luggage
– inform cabin crew when the device is damaged, hot, produces smoke, is lost or falls into the seat structure

It is forbidden to carry damaged, defected or withdrawn devices or batteries.