Handicapped passengers

Handicapped passengers

Important informations for handicapped passengers or with reduced mobility:

To facilitate your boarding, you are obliged to ask for assistance by the broker, minimum 48 hours before scheduled time of departure.

According to your handicap or your reduced mobility, a specified assistance is planned at every airport. This assistance will help you with:

- Your transfer on the airport

- Your check-in and check-in of your luggage

- Your transfer through the airport to the plane

- Your boarding and landing

- Getting down of your luggage and your mobility equipment

As set out in European Regulation 1107/2006 this help assistance is placed under responsibility of airport management.

In addition to your registered luggage, associated with your plane ticket, you can also to transport your non-electric wheelchair. At the most part of airports, you can use your wheelchair until the door of the plane. It can be delivered to you right away after landing or at the terminal.

During the boarding you have the priority to get on the board.

To facilitate your installation at the bord our seats are equipped in up-and-down lateral armrests.

Most of cases, any medical certificate is not necessary to travel by plane except few situation below:

- Pregnancy: after 22th week of pregnancy

- Recent operations

- Parts of body coated in plaster


A specified assistance is planned for you to accompany you:

- During check-in

- Transferring you to the plane

- After landing till carrying your luggage

After your boarding, cabin crew will help with installation you on your seat and will inform you about emergency exit in case of accident.

IGavion offers you free transport in cabin of guide dog.

- It has to respect all sanitary demands

- It has to be identified by a badge

- It can travel without a muzzle

- It has to be permanently attached during the flight

- It cannot block any path

- Its behavior has to be strongly faultless in every circumstance


All passengers with intellectual impairment must be able to understand and apply security measures.

It is also important to inform you that the movement at the airport to reach the plane might be complex, long and difficult; the security formalities, police and customs duty might be long and stressful; the flight might be disturbed by turbulences and might require a special security operation.

In every case considered here, please, contact our customer service to help us preparing better your trip.