Travel with pet

Only domesticated animals (PET) as defined and restricted below may be transported in the passenger cabin assuming the total weight with cage do not exceed 6 kg:
• Small cats and dogs,
• Ferrets.
Note: 1 So-called fighting-dogs like Pit-bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Mastiff, American Pit-bull, Staffordshire Bullterrier, Bullterrier, American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasilerio, Kangal (Karabash), Caucasian Shepard and Mastino Napolitana will not be accepted for transportation as PETC or as Checked Baggage in the Cargo Compartment (AVIH). Also, any animal which is classified under rodent or reptile will not be accepted as PET in Cabin or as Checked Baggage in the Cargo Compartment (AVIH).
Note: 2 Hybrids originating through one of the above species with another not listed above, do not bear any restriction and can be accepted on board

Pets will be accepted in the passenger cabin under the following conditions:
• The animals must have immunization records (rabies and distemper) and current veterinary certificate of health.
• Vaccination and age of the pet must be provable by the passenger. No vaccination is required for a PET below the age of 3 months.
• The weight of the pet incl. the cage should not exceed 6 kg.
• The crate/cage must not exceed the dimensions 55 X 40 X 20 cm and be bite & leak-proof, must be large enough to allow the pet to stand up straight and turn around.
• The applicable fee must be charged from the passenger unless advised otherwise by SkyTaxi.
• The pet must stay in the cage when boarding and during the entire flight and the passenger should be instructed to put a cover on the cage to provide darkness in order to ensure minimum noise of the PET during the flight.
• The cage must have a leak-proof bottom and absorbent material as bottom cover.
• Check if the passenger holds for his pet a reservation issued by SkyTaxi. Do not accept the passenger without a confirmed reservation, unless it is clarified that there is no reservation for other passenger(s) made in advance.
• A booking of an extra seat for the pet as bulky cabin baggage (CBBG) is not allowed.
• To secure safe stowage of the pet on board, the passenger shall be advised to place the cage under the seat in front of him.
• No restriction applies to check a passenger with a pet and an infant, but it is advised to leave the next seat vacant for convenience, as far as booking figures on the flight allows it.
• Only 1 (one) PETC per passenger is allowed.
• In case of more than one pet is accepted to the flight, it shall be assured that the animals are seated far enough to prevent any kind of interaction. In cases where pet owners prefer to sit next to each other, the cabin crew may allow such seating as long as there is no growling, hissing, barking or any other kind of
disquiet indication.
• Fill out the “Cabin Information Sheet” to inform the crew about PETC. Passengers with PET in cabin are not allowed to sit in Emergency-Exits rows/seats.